Berlin Shorts & German Beers – Offline Film Festival

Berlin Shorts & German Beers

Berlin Shorts & German Beers


Old [New] Cinema, Brendan Street
Saturday 14 October | 6pm

OFFline was very proud to curate the programme for the first- ever Irish Film Berlin back in May. As a follow on from that event, we’ve invited a number of Berlin-based filmmakers to screen their shorts at one of Birr’s most intriguing events.

Join us for this beautiful celebration of the new links between Birr and Berlin as well as sampling some German beers!

Curated by Ilana Glizer and in association with Interfilm.


Shorts screening


Egon Bunne

A rare documentary showing activism on the West side of the Berlin Wall at Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg, during the time of Berlin Punk and New Wave music.


Boris Seewald

Konzerthausorchester Berlin pays tribute to their city of Berlin. Listen to the sizzling sound of the famous Berlin Currywurst, the snorting hippo in the Berlin zoo or the sound of Christopher Street Day as you have never before. 13 Videos in total capture key moments of the city and show how the orchestra imitates characteristic sounds of Berlin in a surprising and humorous way.

Berlin Recyclers

Nikki Schuster

There’s rubbish and graffiti everywhere but that’s just perfect. A decommissioned high-voltage electric power station is the monster’s grotesque face. Digitally animated pieces of scrap metal and plastic morph into absurd figures and dance to barrel organ music and techno whilst off-screen the sounds of a demonstration and the barely audible cries of ‘Nazis out!’ can be heard. A scaffold with portable toilets, the sound of a tram. Graffiti comes to life, it’s Berlin alright.

Die andere Seite

Ellie Land

Animated documentary about the Berlin wall and the childhood memories of wondering what it might be like on the other side.


Marc Thümmler

The East German photographer Harald Hauswald, codename RADFAHRER (CYCLIST), was under close STASI surveillance for many years. In this experimental documentary, Hauswald’s photos from East Berlin in the 1980s are juxtaposed with the detailed reports written by his observers.


Francy Fabritz

Anette (55) and Carla (70) have known each other for years. Their rebellious nature and their special sense of humour connects the two self-confident women. They have always been swimming against tide and even today they are still committed to their values. In the 1980s they fought loud and visible as radical feminists. Years have passed and since society has only changed in slow motion, Carla and Anette decided to modify their strategies by using their criminal energy with a breeze of fun and rage. Today’s shift to the right and that society pushes them to the edge not only as women but also because of their age does not stop them. Undaunted they are using their supposed invisibility to do what many would not dare to do.

The Art of Authenticity

Carlo Oppermann

Berlin is quite often pretty dirty. But what if there is one person who takes care of that every day? We tell the story of a one-man underground department that (by its own claim) makes Berlin the coolest big city in Germany. The Authority for Urban Authenticity.

Bi The Way

Amir Steklov

A short funny and intimate animation about the difficulties of being a non-binary person in a binary world. The film follows Amir’s personal life story plus interviews with world renowned researchers in the field of gender studies.

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