Apocalypse Clown – Offline Film Festival

Apocalypse Clown

Apocalypse Clown


Birr Theatre & Arts Centre
Thursday 12 October | 5.30pm

Don’t miss your chance to see the only screening in Offaly this Autumn.

The sudden death of international clown master Jean DuCoque brings together our motley trio: Bobo (David Earl) a hobo clown who has hit rock bottom… Pepe (Fionn Foley) a talentless mime … and Funzo (Natalie Palamides) an inadvertently terrifying “street clown”. After a mass brawl at the funeral with some vengeful human statues earns them a night in jail, the group emerges to find a country suddenly plunged into overnight anarchy by a major solar flare.

No power. No internet. No one is safe.

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